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  1. How can I indicate my attendance to the Graduation Ceremony?

    Please confirm your attendance between 12 September and 11 October 2017. Click the button below if you want to do it now.


  2. I find that more than one session of Graduation Ceremony is offered by my division. Can I opt to attend another or attend more than one session?

    The CCCU Graduation Ceremony sessions are scheduled by Divisions according to major of study. Graduates should attend the appropriate session of the Graduation Ceremony.

  3. I do not have time to attend both Graduation Ceremony. Will it affect my graduation status?

    Attendance to the Graduation Ceremony or not does not affect your graduation status.

  4. I have confirmed attendance of Graduation Ceremony in AIMS but now I want to make a change. How do I inform the University of this change of request?

    Please send your request to us through ARRO Online Enquiry Form.

  5. I may arrive late. Can I still attend the session?

    The Graduation Ceremony will start at the designated time. Latecomers will only be admitted during appropriate pauses.


    For the Graduation Ceremony, each session lasts for about an hour. If a graduate is late, s/he may miss the chance to go on stage at the ceremony.