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Steps for Online Rental Services

  1. Go to the Supplier's website and click the button Button at the right hand side to start the online rental process.


  1. Associate degree graduates are required to enter the code cityuad17 for logging in the online rental system of the Supplier.


  1. When making the online order, you will be required to provide your personal information, and indicate the gown collection date and outlet. Before confirming the order, please read the rental terms and conditions stated on the gown deposit form carefully.


  1. At the end, click "Print Dual Copies" to generate two copies of the deposit form which should be printed separately on single sided sheets. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Supplier after completing all steps of renting academic dress.


  1. Upon collection of the academic dress at the designated outlet, you will be required to present the two printed copies of the deposit form. When checking out the set of academic dress, please inspect every item very carefully and mark the acceptable flaws/damages, if any, that you discovered on the two deposit forms before signing for collection confirmation. Samples of damaged gown, hood/stole and mortarboard are displayed in the Supplier's outlets and its website (Demonstration of Damage Academic Regalia).


  1. If you have further enquiries on rental service of academic dress, please contact the Supplier at +852 3118 4396/+852 3105 5009 or email to